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Hard Cover Book, 80pgs. $40

Limited Edition



The photographs and graphic design in popular culture magazines have served as the inspiration towards each collage in this series. These artworks reflect my interests in colour, texture, nature, animals, design, fashion, art, living healthy and having a free spirit.

In 2003, I moved to Australia to attend the University of Sydney. When I was not at the computer writing my PhD thesis, I would relax by carefully cutting selected images and then fitting them together like pieces to a puzzle. These actions allowed me the necessary space to analyse my research in relation to making art. The result of such actions provided appealing metaphors that were translated in unconventional ways. My 'personality' in each collage may capture, seduce, or unsettle the viewer. Similarly, the process of living in a foreign country and writing a thesis has captured, seduced and unsettled me.

Some images you may recognise and some you may relate to but all will ask you to look close. With the title of each collage asking a question, the viewer is encouraged to spend time contemplating an answer. The ultimate question that I ask myself is, "what do I want to do with my life?" The answer just happens to be... "this."